From time to time we send you a payslip showing the amount of your pension and any deductions (such as tax). We usually only do this if the amount of your pension payment changes by more than £1.00.

We are updating the system we use to make pension payments, and this means that in future any payslip we send you will look different from before. We are sending a payslip to everyone who receives a pension in December, in the old format, to make them aware of the change.

Click here to see an example of what the payslip will look like. For most people we will only send a payslip after each annual pension increase is paid – usually in May – so this will be the first time most people see the new style payslip.

Nothing else is changing – we’ll continue to pay you on the last working day of each month (if you are paid monthly) or the last working day of December, March, June and September (if you are paid quarterly).