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The value of your benefits

You can ask for a statement showing the value of your benefits, this is called your ‘Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV) statement’. The statement shows the ‘cash equivalent’ value of your deferred benefits calculated on a set basis (which we decide on the advice of the Actuary). Your CETV (excluding any AVC funds) will be guaranteed for a period, usually three months. 

If you wish to transfer your guaranteed CETV, you’ll need to make sure all the associated paperwork reaches the​ Pensions Service Centre by the guarantee date shown in the statement. When you first contact the​ Pensions Service Centre about transferring your benefits, they’ll explain to you what you have to do. Once the​ Pensions Service Centre has received all the paperwork from you and your new provider, they’ll usually make the transfer within two weeks. The whole process may take about three months from start to finish.

The Pensions Service Centre can only send you one CETV statement in any 12-month period free of charge. If you want more than one in any 12-month period, you’ll be asked to pay a charge.

Please contact Capita in relation to RMSPS benefits.

For help with your decision

  • The Pensions Advisory Service has independent, professional people who can answer all sorts of questions about retirement and pensions. The service is free; go to for more information. 
  • If you’re thinking of transferring your pension benefits to another pension arrangement, we recommend you take independent financial advice from a firm or individual authorised to give advice on transferring a pension. 
  • If the ‘transfer value’ of your pension is greater than £30,000, and you’re thinking about transferring to a defined contribution scheme, the Government now requires us to check that you’ve taken financial advice from such a firm or individual. 
  • You can find a financial adviser by going to and looking in the ‘Pensions and Retirement’ section.
  • Remember that neither the​ Pensions Service Centre nor your employer are allowed to give you financial advice, so we can’t tell you what you should do, only explain the choices you have.

Please get in touch with the​ Pensions Service Centre if you want to know more.

Moving your benefits into another pension scheme

You may be able to transfer the benefits you’ve built up into another pension arrangement. For instance, you could transfer them into a new employer’s pension plan, a personal pension or stakeholder pension plan, or a ‘buy-out’ policy from an insurance company.

It’s not possible to transfer your benefits into another Royal Mail pension arrangement.