Leaving the Plan

If you opt out of the RMPP or leave your employer, you and your employer will stop contributing to the RMPP.

You can choose to keep your benefits in the RMPP or you can transfer your benefits to another pension arrangement.

The guide, ‘Leaving the Plan – your options’, gives you an overview of your choices if you leave the RMPP, or you can read more about these options below.

If you leave the RMPP, the Pensions Service Centre will write to you to confirm the value of your pension benefits. The information in that letter will include a summary of the information in the guide. So please get in touch with them if you change your address. Capita look after the benefits you have in the Royal Mail Statutory Pension Scheme, so you’ll get a letter from them with details of those benefits.

If you’re leaving to take your benefits immediately, then look at the section on ‘Planning Your Future’.


If  you opt out of the RMPP while still employed you can’t join again later. You’ll need to let HR or the payroll department know. By doing so, you’ll stop paying contributions and won’t build up any more benefits. You must give two months’ notice if you’re paid monthly, and two weeks’ notice if you’re paid weekly.​ Members generally don’t opt out. 

You can find out more information about your benefit options under the ‘Planning for your future’ section, ‘Your options at different ages‘.  You can find more information about your death benefits here.

My Options

Deferred benefits
Transferring out

If you don’t know which section you’re in, contact the Helpline (contact details are at the bottom of the page); or If you recieve an Annual Benefit Illustration the section is noted on the front page.